Finding the right Orange County Video Production company can be difficult. And at the OC Video Studio we know how much video can help businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or service using video over text alone can give you an edge in any business. Below are some of the most popular ways businesses can use video to sell more projects and gain more clients.

Commercials, Promotional, and Marketing Videos

Commercials, Promotional and Marketing videos and are a great way to promote the features and benefits of your business’s product and service. Videos of your products or services can increase in product purchase by 54% over images alone. They can also increase purchase confidence by as much as 72% and decrease in purchase returns by 50%.

Training and Support Videos

Training and support videos can significantly lower your training budget. Information retention doubles with video over text alone. Hosting training videos online can help reduce travel expenses and product “How To” videos can significantly cut support calls.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are a great way to get attention for you company. They can increase brand favorability by up to 5 times and increase awareness by 1 ½ times. And up to 40% of customers will more inclined to visit your website after watching your brands video.

Profile Videos

Profile videos can easily be recorded on site or in our studio. They are a simple cost effective way to tell potential clients more about you and your team. They can convey trust and help you to start building a relationship with them.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos can help build buyers confidence and increase sales. And with over 60% of people preferring to watching video over reading text online it is an excellent alternative to text only testimonials that will help you stand out against the competition.

Event Videos

Event Videos are perfect for capturing corporate events. Weather it is the yearly company get together, quarterly sales meetings, or a product launch party share the event with everyone that was unable to attend. OC Video Studio can also Livestream almost any event and while recording it for later playback.